A family business that operates from the end of 1945 in Greece, concerning the production of halva and karydopasto.
Founders of this company was John Lucas N. (1912) and George Lukas N. (1907). Both born in Istanbul of Greek parents, enjoyed the pleasures of life, this beautiful CITY on the banks of the Bosphorus.
But life for many people is not always fair. At the age of 12 and 7 years respectively orphaned. They make enough money to survive, but that they love most is the fresh produce in some laboratories CITY, alongside great Greek craftsmen.
The years passed when in 1945 they decide to come to Greece bringing with them a few dishes from the city and all their love for their art. Open this company in a neighborhood of Salonika, which quickly become known for quality products in town.
In 1971 he took over the business his son, Lukas John, Stephen I. Lukas, where the same love and same recipe is still the business. This resulted expand the company's products in major outlets throughout Greece.
In 1993 the company take her grandchildren John and Lukas S. Lukas S. George. The company is now in the hands of the grandchildren of the founders of the company. The generations change with the passing years, but the recipes of products and love for art, remain the same.
Proof of this is that the production of some products are still used today, some of the dishes that they brought the grandparents in the city.
Progress in business, therefore the quality, it seems clear now, because since 2003 the company exported its products to countries listed below.
Australia, Spain, Romania, Sweden, Norway.
Finally, I feel the progress of our company because we are not interested in the quantity of exported products, but that quality and customer satisfaction.